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How a leading USA Distributor with 200,000+ products successfully scaled its business with ewiz commerce

“ewiz commerce has best-in-class post-sales service and support. They are always listening to our needs. The presentation creator customization from ewiz has helped our sales team ramp up and scale quickly. “

THE CLIENT is one of the USA’s leading distributors serving customers for over 50 years with a presence in two locations. It has over 90,000 key products on its store and 200,000, if you include all the SKUs and variants. It supplies to businesses across the USA with over 26,000 customers.

Executive Summary

The client had built its online store on Compass ERP. It was lacking some essential growth features, and their support even more so. The client wanted a sales & marketing-friendly eCommerce store with additional filters for quick discovery of products. To provide a tailored shopping experience to its customers, the client also wanted additional features to showcase multiple price ranges, unique customizations, and flexibility to the shopping cart.They liked ewiz commerce for the storefront with its built-in sales & marketing features like product configurator, email marketing tool, catalog creator, recommendation engine.

The Challenge - A display only site created on a non-eCommerce platform

The client had an online store created on an ERP solution. It was a display site with no sales & marketing features. It was not mobile-friendly. The user experience was not seamless and engaging. Their website also lacked the needed functionality to run & grow a business of their size. They were looking for features like additional filters for quick discovery of products, customizability & flexibility around their shopping cart and options to showcase multiple price ranges.

ewiz commerce provided a sales-friendly eCommerce solution with the required customizations

The client approached ewiz commerce with the need for:

1. Product configuration

2. Easy to implement complex pricing rules & integrations

3. Customized sales & marketing features

The client explored our storefront along with our built-in sales & marketing tools. They loved our features like product configurator, email marketing tool, catalog creator, recommendation engine. During the initial discussion, it convinced the customer that the ewiz commerce platform had the best-in-class functionalities they were looking for.

It helped them make a quick decision to migrate to ewiz commerce. The client is happy with the new site, dedicated support, and customizations. Now they can easily showcase various pricing options, get a complete picture of their customers because of the integrations and can provide a seamless shopping experience.

Business-specific customizations added to the new store

Product Configurator to help buyers create mockups before purchase

Advanced filters to help buyers in quick discovery of products

Customizations for the shopping cart for a unique checkout experience

Email marketing tools to create marketing campaigns without external help

AI-driven Catalog Creator to create personalized catalogs unique to each customer within minutes

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP) to keep track of inventory across all locations

Results - A growing and profitable B2B eCommerce presence


Faster B2B
eCommerce store

200 - 250



Transaction Value

Post-Sales Services - ERP Solution, Transactions Management Services and Product Presentation Creator

The client saw early success with ewiz commerce. Happy with their new eCommerce store, they engaged us to build a comprehensive ERP solution for them. Post this integration, the client also opted for our transactions management services provided by our Enterprise eCommerce Services team to manage their orders, data, and images daily.

This successful & long-term partnership with the ewiz commerce team on multiple fronts has allowed the client to save substantial business costs & time while growing the revenue online.

In Oct 2020, we also deployed a presentation creator with customizations for them. It is a tool sales teams can use to create personalized product presentations as per their requirement. To drive usage and adoption, we conducted regular online training sessions. A group of 25 sales people attended one such session which was recorded. This recording is used by the client to train their other sales team members.

Dedicated Support Services for product launches and campaigns

Our product team keeps adding additional features to their new site and works on customization as per their business needs. We provide the client with 24 X 7 support, including quick resolution and dedicated support personnel. While our easy-to-use control panel allows them to create new pages, banners, and manage page information, we also help them with all these services during a product launch, campaigns, and sales.

Our key offerings:

AI-powered eCommerce Store

AI-powered email marketing automation

AI-powered recommendation engine

About ewiz commerce

ewiz commerce is the world’s only B2B eCommerce platform with built-in AI-powered marketing tools to help you create personalized shopping experiences for your customers.