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How a leading US distributor solved its eCommerce marketing and sales challenges by migrating from Magento 1 to ewiz commerce

Executive Summary

The customer’s previous store was on Magento 1. But they were not happy as it was not sales-friendly and had a lot of performance issues. After evaluating multiple platforms, they selected ewiz commerce because of its built-in sales & marketing features, ease of customizations and post-implementation support services. The customer is using the new, mobile-responsive eCommerce store for over one year and is happy with its results.

The Challenge - Troublesome Magento 1

The client was using Magento 1 when they reached out to us. It was not sales-friendly and had a lot of performance issues. Also, the client could not scale the e-commerce store basis its sales and marketing requirements.

Ecommerce support services to help them with every day work

Our Go-to-market team regularly works with their digital agency to offer SEO related support - reports, integrations, and troubleshooting.

We provide the client with 24X7 dedicated support for quick resolution of their queries

While our easy-to-use Control Panel allows them to create new pages, banners and manage page information, we also help them with all these services during a product launch, campaigns, and sales.

ewiz commerce provided a sales-friendly ecommerce solution

The client was exploring Magento 1 alternatives. As part of this process, they approached us. We organized a detailed demo for their team and answered more of their queries which were around marketing features, integrations and support. They liked the product, especially our in-built marketing tools like MarComm creator, Virtual Sampler, and easy-to-use Control Panel. These exciting features convinced them to switch to our platform. They are happy with the new site, dedicated support, and customizations which is helping them scale their sales & marketing initiatives.

Business-Specific Customizations Added To The New Store

Request Special Quote:

Their buyers can use this to ask for a special quote by selecting a set of products available in the store.

Request Digital Mockups:

Their buyers can use this to ask for a digital mockup for a particular product available in the store.

Customized Buying UX:

We added a set of custom fields and options to their shopping cart to personalized the shopping experience from stock selection to order placement.


We added a few forms for leads generation

Mobile responsive:

The new store was mobileresponsive to ensure a seamless shopping experience across all devices

Integration with their existing business apps

Google Analytics | Constant Contact | Chat Widget

Most used and loved features by the client

Quick Product Information Management (PIM)

The store hosts over 3000 products. Thanks to our easy-to-use Control Panel, the customer can manage product information without a developer’s help.

Reporting & Dashboard

The client uses our standard reporting templates to track daily performance. The most widely used reports are Order Reports, Payment Reports, Top Buyers, etc.

Marketing Tools

The client has been regularly using the built-in marketing tools and the custom-built ones for its sales & marketing initiatives.

Our key offerings:

AI-powered eCommerce Store

AI-powered email marketing automation

AI-powered recommendation engine

About ewiz commerce

ewiz commerce is the world’s only B2B eCommerce platform with built-in AI-powered marketing tools to help you create personalized shopping experiences for your customers.