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How ewiz commerce digitized sales operations for a leading US Headwear Supplier

See how ewiz commerce (A Powerweave Brand) empowered a US Headwear industry leader to elevate B2B eCommerce operations with innovative digital solutions


Our client*, a distinguished name in the US promotional industry, stands as a leading supplier of headwear products in the B2B market. Known for their wide-ranging and quality product line, they have carved out a strong reputation over the years. However, in an era where digital commerce is not just an option but a necessity, the client found themselves grappling with the challenges of adapting to this new digital reality.

ewiz commerce, leveraging its expertise in digital solutions, stepped in to bridge the gap between traditional business excellence and the burgeoning world of digital commerce. We explore the journey of transforming the client's online presence, addressing their unique challenges, and reimagining their sales and marketing strategies for the digital age. At the heart of this transformation was the desire not only to meet the changing demands of the market but to set a new benchmark in the digital B2B landscape for the promotional headwear industry.

* Client confidentiality is paramount for us, and due to NDA commitments, some customer names cannot be disclosed publicly.

The Challenge

Limited online presence: The client's existing website was insufficient for effective online sales and marketing, limiting digital engagement with B2B customers.

Inadequate eCommerce functionality: The website lacked the necessary features and user experience to support efficient and robust online transactions.

At the heart of the client's predicament was a significant digital shortfall in their eCommerce strategy. Their online presence, crucial for thriving in today’s digital-first B2B marketplace, was not up to par. The primary issue revolved around their existing website, which lacked the sophistication and functionality needed for effective online sales and digital marketing. This limitation severely restricted their ability to engage with B2B customers on a digital platform, a critical factor in the modern business landscape.

The website’s shortcomings were multifaceted: it was not optimized for the seamless online transactions that B2B customers have come to expect, nor did it adequately represent the quality and diversity of their headwear products. This disconnect meant that the client was unable to leverage the full potential of digital channels to reach and interact with their customer base. Consequently, their market reach and sales potential were hindered, putting them at a competitive disadvantage in a digitally driven industry.

“The challenge we faced was more than just a technological hurdle; it was about aligning our online presence with the high standards of our products and the expectations of our B2B clients,“

- Director of Marketing, [Leading Headwear Supplier]

He added, "In the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, falling behind was not an option. We needed a solution that would not only address our current issues but also equip us for future digital advancements."

Identifying and addressing these digital challenges was critical for the headwear supplier to maintain and grow its market position. The solution required was not just an upgrade of their existing system but a complete digital transformation of their sales and marketing strategy.

The Solution

Advanced B2B eCommerce store development

In response to the challenges faced by the US Headwear Supplier, ewiz commerce took a multifaceted approach to overhaul its digital sales processes. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital transformation, we developed an advanced B2B eCommerce platform tailored to the client's unique business requirements and market dynamics.

Key features of the solution:

Custom virtual sampler tool: We introduced an innovative feature allowing customers to visualize and customize headwear products. This tool enabled clients to create detailed digital mockups, significantly enhancing the online buying experience and aiding in decision-making. .

Mobile device optimization: Understanding the shift towards mobile commerce, we optimized the client's website for mobile devices. This upgrade ensured a seamless shopping experience across all devices, catering to the needs of on-the-go professionals in the promotional industry.

Integrated robust payment gateway: To streamline the purchasing process, we incorporated a secure and efficient payment gateway. This addition simplified transactions and offered various payment methods, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Sales and marketing tools integration: The platform was equipped with built-in sales tools and integrated with essential services like CRM systems, live chat support, and more. These integrations provided critical data analytics, customer insights, and facilitated real-time engagement, driving sales and improving customer service.

“Our goal was to transform the client's digital presence by creating a dynamic, user-centric eCommerce solution. By integrating advanced sales tools and streamlining the payment process, we aimed to revolutionize their online sales approach, making it as innovative and high-quality as their products.“

- Pratik Thakore, COO, Powerweave

This comprehensive solution not only addressed the immediate digital challenges but also set the client on a path to achieving long-term success in the competitive digital marketplace of the US promotional industry.

The Result

Elevating B2B eCommerce for the US Headwear Supplier


monthly website visitors


average order value


monthly online sales


SKUs effectively showcased

PPAI Gold Pyramid Award

Results demonstrated over 5 years of usage.

The launch of the new eCommerce platform marked a significant transformation in the client's digital operations. By developing a user-centric, mobile-optimized website with innovative features like the Custom Virtual Sampler Tool and integrating advanced sales and marketing tools, ewiz commerce revolutionized the client's approach to online sales. This comprehensive digital upgrade enabled the client to not only meet but exceed the modern demands of the B2B promotional market.

Strategic impacts:

Robust digital presence:The enhanced website significantly improved the client's online branding and visibility in the industry.

Optimized customer journey: From browsing to purchasing, the custom tools and mobile-friendly design greatly improved the user experience.

Operational efficiency: Advanced tools streamlined sales processes, leading to more efficient and higher-volume transactions.

Scalable platform: The platform's design and technology integrations ensure its adaptability to future business growth and technological advancements.

“Several years ago, we were looking for a firm that can really modernize and get our brand shown on a website very proactively and progressively because we are very progressive and growing that way. So we look to Varshal and Scott's team at AWSUSA and ewiz commerce to do that. And lo and behold, we won a PPAI Gold Pyramid Award this year. But more importantly, they showed us the tools that distributors can use within the website. So it was very essential for us to pair with a partner that understands our business and our model, and they've done a fantastic job with us. We couldn't be more proud."

- CEO, [Leading Headwear Supplier]

Looking ahead

Navigating the digital future with confidence

As the client embarks on the next phase of their digital journey, the successful transformation of their B2B eCommerce platform with ewiz commerce has paved the way for new ambitions and strategies. Positioned at the forefront of the promotional headwear market, they are now focused on leveraging this digital momentum to explore uncharted territories in the eCommerce landscape. The roadmap ahead is clear: to harness emerging technologies and innovative digital marketing tactics, aiming to expand their reach and deepen customer engagement.

The client envisions a future where advanced technology and data-driven insights form the core of their digital operations. Plans are underway to further enhance their online platform, integrating the latest digital tools to provide a more intuitive and seamless user experience. This strategy includes expanding their product offerings and tailoring their services to meet the evolving needs of a diverse clientele. By doing so, they aim to not only maintain their competitive edge but also set new standards in the B2B digital marketplace.

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