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How ewiz commerce's AI Cloud transformed eCommerce Asset Management for a leading North American Supplier

Discover how ewiz commerce employed AI to redefine digital asset management in eCommerce, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy for a leading supplier in North America.


We partnered with a prominent North American Supplier*, renowned for their extensive presence in the eCommerce sector. This supplier is a key player in the market, known for a vast and diverse range of products that cater to a wide consumer base. Operating in a highly dynamic and competitive digital landscape, their eCommerce platform is integral to their business strategy, connecting millions of products with consumers across various regions.

At the core of their operation is the management of an ever-expanding digital inventory, particularly the efficient handling of product images. These images are not just visual representations of their inventory but are crucial in driving customer engagement and sales. With a repository that's continuously growing, the challenge of managing these digital assets efficiently and accurately has become a critical aspect of their business operation, directly impacting their ability to compete and succeed in the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

* Client confidentiality is paramount for us, and due to NDA commitments, some customer names cannot be disclosed publicly.

The Challenge

Manual image segregation: Struggled with time-consuming and error-prone manual categorization of a vast product image inventory.

Operational delays and increased costs: Faced significant operational delays and rising costs due to the inefficient manual image management process.

Before the intervention of ewiz commerce, the supplier's digital asset management process was fraught with inefficiencies that directly impeded their eCommerce operations. Managing an ever-growing collection of product images was becoming increasingly unmanageable. The manual process, overwhelmed with the volume and variety of images, led to significant delays and errors. This inefficiency was not just a procedural issue but a strategic one, affecting the supplier's ability to effectively showcase their products and impacting their market responsiveness.

"Managing and categorizing our ever-growing collection of product images manually was becoming a logistical nightmare. The process was fraught with delays and errors, leading to increased operational costs and inefficiencies that we just couldn't afford in the fast-paced world of eCommerce."

- Head of Digital Operations, [North American Supplier]

These challenges underscored the need for a transformative solution – one that could not only streamline the current process but also adapt to the growing demands of the eCommerce industry.

The Solution

Enabling AI-powered eCommerce data management

To effectively tackle the challenges of manual image segregation and operational inefficiencies, we developed a bespoke AI-powered platform for the North American Supplier. This innovative solution was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the client's digital asset management process.

Key features of the solution:

Multiple AI models for precision: Utilizing several AI models, the platform was capable of identifying and categorizing images with exceptional precision tailored to the diverse inventory of the client.

Batch processing capability for efficiency: The platform's batch processing feature allowed for handling large volumes of images simultaneously, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.

Automated classification for reduced manual intervention: With the AI models' adeptness at accurate classification, the need for manual categorization was drastically reduced, streamlining the entire image management process.

The deployment of this AI-powered solution marked a significant advancement in the client's eCommerce operations. It not only addressed the immediate challenges but also set the foundation for continued growth and efficiency in a highly competitive digital marketplace.

The Result

Setting new milestones with AI-driven asset management


reduction in
manual effort


accuracy in
image categorization


million assets
analyzed per scan


Distinct AI models
trained & employed

Over the course of its implementation, the AI-powered eCommerce Data Management solution dramatically transformed the client's digital asset management. By automating the classification and categorization of product images, the solution not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of the eCommerce platform.

Strategic impacts:

Operational efficiency: The automated categorization process resulted in faster, more efficient management of digital assets, contributing to smoother eCommerce operations.

Cost reduction: Significant reduction in manual labor directly translated into cost savings and resource reallocation towards strategic initiatives.

Error reduction: The high accuracy rate minimized errors commonly associated with manual image segregation, enhancing the overall quality of the eCommerce platform.

Scalability: The platform's ability to handle millions of assets per scan ensured its adaptability to the client's growing inventory needs.

"The implementation of the AI-powered image categorization system has been a watershed moment for us. We've seen an astonishing 80% reduction in manual effort, coupled with an accuracy rate of 96-98%. This technology has not only streamlined our operations but has also positioned us for scalable growth in the competitive eCommerce landscape."

- Head of Digital Operations, [North American Supplier]

These results over time have solidified the client's position in eCommerce, with the AI solution bringing about substantial improvements in operational efficiency, cost management, and scalability.

Looking ahead

Charting a new AI-driven path in eCommerce operations

The implementation of the AI-powered eCommerce Data Management platform marks a pivotal moment in the client's digital transformation journey. This milestone, significant in enhancing operational efficiency, sets a new standard in the eCommerce industry. By effectively leveraging AI technology, the client has not only optimized its image management process but also established a benchmark for operational excellence.

Looking to the future, the client is committed to further integrating AI and machine learning across their eCommerce operations. This strategy, focused on continuous improvement and innovation, is aimed at ensuring they stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape. It's a forward-looking approach, designed to harness the transformative potential of AI, driving growth, efficiency, and staying ahead in a competitive market.

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