The future of eCommerce content_AI-Generated or Human-Curated

The future of eCommerce content: AI-generated or Human-curated? 🤔

Content creation is undergoing a transformative shift. Yet, as we gaze into the future, a burning question emerges: Will AI-generated content eclipse human curation, or is there a more synergistic destiny on the horizon for e-commerce content?

Why AI-generated content?

With generative AI predicted to reach production maturity within 2-5 years, the significance of this technology is unequivocal. It heralds a new era where tailored content can be created at a pace and volume that human effort alone cannot match​​.

AI’s ability to analyze vast datasets allows for a level of personalization previously unattainable, leading to content that speaks directly to individual consumer preferences and behaviors​​. The financial stakes are monumental, with the e-commerce AI market projected to grow to $45.72 billion by 2032, cementing AI’s role as a transformative force in the industry​​. (Source: Bloomreach)

AI-generated vs. Human-curated content

The contrast between AI and human content creation is stark. AI offers an unmatched pace in content production, with capabilities to enhance SEO and drive traffic efficiently, while human curation provides the essential emotional connection, creating content with depth and empathy that resonates with consumers​​.

However, this innovation is not without its challenges. The risk of homogenized content and inherent biases due to the data used to train AI systems poses a significant hurdle​​. Furthermore, the emotional resonance and cultural nuance that human-curated content brings are beyond AI’s grasp​​.

Advantages of AI-generated content

  • Personalization leads to increased customer engagement​​
  • Cost-effective scaling of content production​​
  • Enhanced SEO optimization for higher traffic and visibility​​

Challenges with AI-generated content

  • Risk of content homogenization and lack of uniqueness​​
  • Ethical concerns and potential biases in content creation​​
  • The inability of AI to replicate the human touch and emotional depth​​

Advantages of Human-generated content

  • Emotional resonance and brand loyalty​​
  • Understanding and incorporation of cultural nuances​​
  • Creation of a richer and more engaging narrative​​

Challenges with Human-generated content

  • Higher costs and time investment
  • Limitations in scaling up content production
  • Potential for subjective bias and variability in quality

While the debate about AI vs. Human-generated content is hot, many leading brands have created significant impact using AI to boost their content game.

For instance, Alibaba and Amazon have seen significant boosts in user engagement and sales through personalized recommendations, with Alibaba’s personalized product recommendations accounting for 75% of all its product clicks and Amazon’s personalized recommendations accounting for up to 35% of its sales​. (Source: Aicontentfy)

Strategy to embrace the good from both worlds

This partnership between AI and human ingenuity is the new frontier in e-commerce content creation. While AI orchestrates realms of efficiency, scalability, and personalization, the human touch ensures depth and emotional resonance. It is this symbiotic blend that will chart the course for compelling e-commerce narratives, engaging customers not just with algorithms, but with stories that touch their lives.

A harmonious blend of AI and human creativity is the strategic cornerstone for e-commerce content. Here are actionable pointers to achieve this balance:

  • Use AI for initial content generation, then employ human editors for refinement and emotional enrichment.
  • Implement AI tools for data-driven personalization while leveraging human insight for final decision-making
  • Establish ethical guidelines for AI content creation, ensuring cultural sensitivity and brand alignment
  • Foster collaboration between AI and human content teams to learn from each other and improve content quality continuously

By integrating AI’s analytical prowess with human creativity, businesses can create a compelling and authentic e-commerce narrative​​​​.


As a business owner or eCommerce manager, you stand at the cusp of this new era, tasked with harmonizing the strengths of AI with the irreplaceable value of human creativity. It is within this synergy that the most profound and impactful content strategies will emerge, shaping the future of e-commerce and customer engagement in profound ways. 

The future is not a choice between AI-generated or human-curated content—it is a dance between the two, each step informing and enhancing the other, leading to a more personalized, efficient, and emotionally resonant e-commerce world.

What’s your take on the AI-human synergy in crafting compelling eCommerce content? 

Drop your thoughts in the comments below. 💬 
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