10 Power Tips for a Successful B2B eCommerce Website

Why your business needs a B2B eCommerce store in 2021

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10 traits of a good B2B eCommerce website
1. A fast go-to-market time along with the ability to Sell 24 X 7
2. An Intelligent automation to streamline eCommerce processes
3. Track buying behavior to understand customer needs
4. Lower your operating costs for better ROI
5. Improved product recommendation for greater sales
6. Rich product information and listing for quick purchase
7. Top-quality customer service for an engaging experience
8. Personalized shopping experience to build a loyal customer base
9. Enter new markets quickly and easily with your eCommerce website
10. Omnichannel support for the mobile-savvy demographics

Today, having a basic B2B eCommerce website is not enough. If you want more returns, you must invest in creating an attractive, dynamic, and extremely efficient eCommerce store.

In 2023, about 17 percent of B2B sales are expected to be generated digitally. U.S. B2B online sales are projected to reach 1.8 trillion USD in 2023. U.S. – Statista

Your online store must be well-designed to strategically ‘find and meet’ the changing needs of your B2B customers. Not only should be easy to shop from, but also be secure and reliable to create a lasting impression on the B2B buyer.

What are the benefits of having a B2B eCommerce Website in 2021

1. A fast ‘go-to-market time’ along with the ability to Sell 24X7

The right tools and resources of a smart B2B eCommerce platform can get your eCommerce store up and running in no time.

It will take care of everything from hosting, and PCI compliance to maintenance and analytics. It will help you get off the ground quickly with pre-made and customized templates based on your needs.

Once you have your B2B eCommerce website integrated, your products are always available at your buyer’s fingertips.

Sell 24 X 7 with faster go-to-market time

Also, when you choose an innovative eCommerce technology platform, you will improve brand awareness and reach out to more customers through search engines and paid ads.

2. An Intelligent automation to streamline eCommerce processes

The best way to sell online to a large customer base is by automating tasks that can be managed without human intervention.

The best website functionalities present in the B2B eCommerce industry today all include automation of various eCommerce processes.

When leveraged correctly, it adds more warmth to the seller-buyer equation without being intrusive. Automation also comes in handy to tide over other challenges pertaining to increased order volumes, fulfillment challenges, and fluctuating inventory levels.

With AI, machine learning, and a host of tools, a good eCommerce platform will help you automate everything from workflows to marketing campaigns, all in a few clicks.

Intelligent automation to streamline processes

Automation enables a self-service tool that allows customers to have complete control over online transactions while enjoying unhindered freedom to access order status, view order history, and change orders.

3. Track buying behavior to understand customer needs

To ensure a delightful shopping experience, it is important to look into the buying history of the customers and the products they are looking for. Only then would you be able to create a personalized shopping experience, fulfill orders, and facilitate checkouts.

Track buying behavior to expect customer needs

A good B2B eCommerce website will help you collect real-time customer data in ethical ways by keeping a tab on customer interactions. It will provide you with actionable insights to help you innovate the customer experience and reduce cart abandonment.

4. Lower your operating costs for better ROI

A physical office or warehouse will cost a lot to maintain. Rent, repairs, inventory, workforce management, payrolls, etc. will take up an enormous amount of time and money.

Lower your operating costs for better ROI

Your eCommerce store must need minimal upkeep. It is also a good option for start-ups that are usually low on capital. You can spend the same money on Social media, Google Ads, organic search, and other popular marketing tools to reach out to potential customers.

5. Improved product recommendation for greater sales

Your sales figures improve in no time because the buying process is faster.
For instance, let’s say a buyer wants to buy pendant lamps and place a bulk order for the same.

If they are return customers, you must be able to offer special offers. You can also show them personalized product recommendations that suit their buying history.

Improved efficiencies for greater sales on your ecommerce website

Your B2B eCommerce website must have different cross-sell and upsell strategies that use automated product recommendations to increase sales.

6. Rich product information and listing for quick purchase

A key benefit of an eCommerce platform is that you can add impressive product listings rich with details such as vivid images, 360-degree product views, price, shipping fee, dimensions, product variants, other similar items, and recommendations.

Rich product information and listing for quick purchase

For instance, someone looking for apparel may also want to know about the fabric and its care, color options, available sizes, manufacturer’s details, etc. The right product details always help make better buying decisions

7. Top-quality customer service for an engaging experience

Businesses are now leveraging Product Information Management (PIM) and chatbots for getting insights into buyer preferences, buying habits, and business trends while gaining ground in global markets.

AI-powered chatbots act like virtual salespersons, offering 24X7 support and help across buying stages and processes right from inquiry to closing a sale.

Top-quality customer service for an engaging experience

Chatbots can converse with customers, deliver information based on individual requirements, and help them with the purchase process. A good AI-powered B2B eCommerce platform is just what you need to inject chatbots into your marketing mix.

8. Personalized shopping experience to build a loyal customer base

In a B2B eCommerce business, buyers are experts, and buying decisions are based on rational business value. They can be your potential return customers.

Email marketing, product recommendations, excellent search capabilities, flexible checkout options, loyalty programs, and incentives, therefore, provide great opportunities to make the buying experience personal and enjoyable.

You may also reach out through email marketing, push notifications on mobile for the products they showed interest in, allow them to add them to the wishlist through an app, and re-target those who bounced off through social media.

The ease and functionality, however, should transcend for future purchases too, giving enough flexibility for repeat orders, custom quotes for individual companies in near real-time, and personalized pricing based on the purchase of specific combinations of SKUs, etc.

Personalized shopping experience to build a loyal customer base

Also remember, purchases may not always be made by a single representative, and customers should therefore be given the flexibility to set up multiple user roles and permissions within the same account.

9. Enter new markets quickly and easily with your eCommerce website

A B2B eCommerce store must address a global audience in the tone and language they understand. The same understanding goes for payment choices, too.

A language of choice in the drop-down menu and the freedom to buy in the preferred currency through multiple payment gateways can give the much-needed boost for global business opportunities.

A B2B web store eliminates the need for trade fairs bringing businesses and customers closer irrespective of geographies.

Enter new markets quickly and easily with your eCommerce website

Finding an e-commerce platform that offers solutions that resonate with your global growth plans would be the key to strategize for global reach and creating campaigns tailored for new target audiences.

10. Omnichannel support for the mobile-savvy demographics

As new technologies and services emerge, B2B businesses are now getting new insights into the buying behavior of customers. Seamless communication across channels is the key to offering the right omnichannel support. You need to pick the best channels based on your customers’ needs.

Explains Cristina Gomez, managing vice president for the Gartner Sales Practice, “As customers increasingly learn and buy digitally, sales reps become just one of many possible sales channels. Because of this, sales organizations must be able to sell to customers everywhere the customer expects to engage, interact and transact with suppliers.

Sales reps will need to embrace new tools and channels, as well as a new manner of engaging customers, matching their sales activity to their customers’ buying practices and information collecting needs.”

Omnichannel support for the mobile-savvy demographics

eCommerce Businesses must integrate new features into their websites

Amazon continues to serve as a classic example of what a successful online eCommerce business is all about.

In 2020, over 65% of the US population visited Amazon’s website at least once per month.

The reason behind Amazon’s success is simple. It understands its customers and uses the most innovative technologies to serve them. Customers’ personal shopping experiences with such retailers have upped expectations from the B2B eCommerce businesses too.

The Need for a good B2B eCommerce platform

Gartner predicts 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will take place online by 2025.
It’s time B2B businesses begin to manage all their operations online effectively. B2B online stores must also be able to offer a seamless shopping experience to their B2B customers on their eCommerce websites.

If a B2B website isn’t able to manage such heavy functionalities, then the business owner must adopt a good B2B eCommerce platform.

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