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Top 5 LED Lighting Trends in 2021 You Must Know About

Content Table:

Top 5 LED Trends in 2021
1. IoT smart lighting
2. Horticulture lighting
3. Light fidelity (LiFi) internet
4. Human-centric lighting
5. eCommerce for lighting
Digital presence with AI-powered eCommerce
Ewiz Commerce for online lighting stores


Ever since the invention of the first red Light-emitting diode (LED) in 1962, the Lighting Industry was taken by storm. From visible red light to blue, orange, white, violet, and even ultra-violet (black) light, the LED trend has been ever-evolving.

LED lights save 80% of electricity compared to conventional lighting, thus changing the world for the better. Let’s look at what’s trending in 2021.



The energy efficiency of LED lights has made it one of the most sought-after large-scale lighting technology in the world.

With more demand, the LED lighting market has been constantly re-engineered leading to a platter of LED trends varying in design, features, and use have emerged.


1. IoT lighting to lead the way


There is a growing focus on energy conservation, and it will strengthen with time. The Internet of Things (IoT) will only fortify the lighting landscape, both on the residential and commercial front.

In the recent past, smart lighting was all about turning on and off the lights remotely. But things have changed, and lighting in the IoT world is up for a glowing future.

Artificial intelligence has stepped in, and now you have mood settings, temperature settings to conserve energy while enhancing the user experience.

IoT will lead the way

For instance, if there is no one in the room, lights can turn off and when someone enters, they can turn on automatically by sensing people’s movement.


2. Horticulture lighting will increase farm produce


Who would have thought LED would make inroads in farming too? It has now paved the path for sustainable crop cultivation.

With LED lighting, farmers have better control over the greenhouse climate, ensuring crops get the exact amount of heat for year-round production.

In fact, LED lighting plays a massive role get a better yield for indoor farming.

Horticulture lighting will increase farm produce

Explains Matt Barnard, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Plenty, “Our sensor system ensures each plant gets the amount of purified water it needs, and any excess water is recycled through a closed-loop irrigation system resulting in reduced water consumption and zero waste.”


3. Light fidelity (Li-Fi) will soon become mainstream


Li-Fi is a wireless communication technology that transmits data and light electromagnetically.

The key difference between WiFi and LiFi is that it uses light and is much faster than Wi-Fi. Light bulbs act as routers transferring data at lightning-fast speeds (above 220GB per second) making Li-Fi enabled LEDs the next big thing in the lighting industry.

They are visible light transmitters for ultra-fast wireless data transfer; though they pose a few security issues. Also, they are not too reliable during daylight as it disperses the light beams and hinders the process.

Led Trend - Light fidelity (Li-Fi) will soon become mainstream

Given its potential, companies are working out ways to tide over these challenges and use Li-Fi effectively in the future.


4. Human-centric lighting will boost health


The light is controlled across a spectrum of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) and is based on our circadian rhythm. As a result, it stimulates certain biological responses by color, intensity, and light temperature.

This form of lighting can be used for effect and for elevating mood.

During the day, the light has greater blue hues to mimic the daytime circadian cycle outside, while the evening light has amber and red hues.

This kind of fine-tuning of light has a positive impact on health and aids in elevating mood, enhancing focus, and keeping us alert. Its therapeutic effect and human-centric lighting can be used in diverse settings for varied reasons.

LED Trend - Human-centric lighting will boost health

This type of LED lighting has been trending in both 2021 and 2020, especially in the healthcare and industrial sectors as it helps to minimize fatigue and errors and heightens the sense of well-being.


5. eCommerce for the lighting market will dominate the sales scenario


New technologies are helping brands, both big and small, reach out to their customers in the most meaningful manner. The lighting industry is no different.

  • According to a report by IBEF, the eCommerce market in India is expected to touch USD $200 billion by 2026. In 2017, it stood at USD $38.5 billion.
  • Similarly, the US eCommerce market is projected to reach USD $476.5 billion by 2024, as per statista.com (US retail eCommerce sales forecast report.)

eCommerce has been gaining momentum all along, but the recent pandemic has further fueled its growth as increasing shutdowns lead to a loss in production.

eCommerce for the lighting market


Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are exploring novel means to sell online while ensuring that the customer experience is seamless and personal.

  • The lighting market in e-commerce has seen a higher penetration in North America (8%) where over 90% of e-commerce business is developed in the United States.
  • eCommerce for the lighting fixtures sector registered an average yearly growth of 18%.

To achieve this, companies are now using AI, personalized catalogs, and dynamic campaigns. A classic case in point? Lightup.com

eCommerce will dominate the sales scenario


Lightup.com, which features LED light panels, aims to replace the fluorescent lighting used in many stores and offices.

As per Kevin Hickey (CEO), since September when the site was launched, sales have been doubling month over month. He has credited their technology infrastructure backed by eCommerce’s presence as the prime reason.


Digital presence with AI-powered eCommerce is the way forward


Artificial intelligence, voice commerce, and mobile optimization have all contributed immensely towards the growing popularity of eCommerce.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from the lighting industry have realized the importance of B2B eCommerce. They are leveraging AI-powered eCommerce platforms to understand customer requirements, predict their choices, and use transactional data as real-time insights to optimize distribution and pricing.

The right eCommerce platform helps lightning product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with trending LED and Lighting Solutions in 2021. It also:

  • Offers personalized experience based on recent purchases and searches.
  • Makes relevant product suggestions with AI and recommendation engine capabilities
  • Automates marketing campaigns to keep customers engaged
  • Simplifies product management to manage product information via catalog or feature specifications or dynamic pricing/ discounting
  • Provides multi-payment options, and
  • Ensures a smooth return and exchange


Supercharge your eCommerce lighting strategy with ewiz commerce


The future is bright for the lighting sector, with new lighting trends emerging for the lighting industry sector as eCommerce leads the way.

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